Should I feel guilty about Baltimore

By Clare Dinnocenti

….. Guilt is such a burden and I refuse to accept it. Should someone feel guilty? Perhaps. But it is not I and it probably isn’t you. Let’s take a look at where the guilt lies:

  • First there are the people who have been trained to believe that others are responsible for their lives. These are good people but over time charlatans have convinced them that in order to succeed in life they have to be victims.
  • Second there are the charlatans themselves who exploited the ‘victims’ they created by having the ‘victims’ make them their leaders. These charlatans pass themselves off as champions of the ‘victims’ and actually project themselves into powerful positions and threaten boycotts to companies and decent people who oppose them.
  • Third there are the ‘citizen victims’ who accept the false promises of those politicians who care about winning but not about solving any problems. Unfortunately, the ‘citizen victims’ don’t seem to focus on the fact that they are voting for the same kind of people and these people continue to do nothing for them.

…….. What is to be done? The government and media heaping guilt on you and me is not going to make things better. It only makes us angry. Our response to such taunts as ‘black lives matter’ is, ‘yes they matter but nobody saved me, I had to dig in, pick myself up and save myself.’ At least that is how I think about it, but then I’m white and never had those charlatans telling me ‘it’s not my fault’. NO ONE wants to be the responsible party.

…….. I became a single parent when I turned forty. It was scary as hell. I had no college degree—I did clerical work. What to do? Going into welfare was not even considered. It was not in my biology. The charlatans who set up the standard of ‘it’s not your fault’ also set up the standard of ‘it’s their fault and they need to be responsible’. Consequently, hundreds of thousands of people became dependents instead of learning to cope, grow and hold their heads up high. This became a way of life generation after generation.

…….. The answer is difficult but I believe that people need their self-esteem. People need to work for their wages. Instead of sending welfare checks and food stamps, which is equivalent of a drone strike, i.e., you don’t have to look at the mayhem you are creating, handouts should be personal. Communities who really care about their people should have the ability to exact work for cash.   Believe me, if I had to pick up trash for my food stamps, I would be a lot more interested in learning how to do a different kind of work. But even picking up trash for my food stamps would give me back more of my dignity than getting it free. Nothing is FREE. Entitlements in this country have cost millions of people their God given dignity.

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