Keeping Our Secrets, Our Right to Privacy, The Patriot Act and Our Own Stupidity

So, we have politicians standing around for ten hours telling us how we will lose our freedom if the government can collect metadata under the Patriot Act.  So far there have been no reported incidents of the government trading in our personal secrets from the phone data they collected.

What I do see is hundreds of thousands of my fellow citizens (and me too) pouring their hearts out on Facebook, Twitter, et al. Actually, today’ headlines tell me that a dating site was hacked (and not by our government) and millions of people’s sexual secrets have been exposed. Added to that we daily have homosexual groups petitioning for ‘rights’ to marry, thereby telling us their sexual preferences. I’m not really interested in anyone’s sexual behavior. I would like them to keep it to themselves. People I truly like and admire telling me their sexual preferences gives me a mental picture of them I could do without.

So just who is taking away our freedom of privacy? I am certainly not in favor of the government taking anything else from us and in particular not my right to privacy. Therefore, my logical mind tells me, I NEED to keep my own privacy and not put ALL of my life secrets on the Internet, where it can be shared, snared, and hacked. Wake up folks, nobody really cares; it is our own vanity that is our biggest loss of personal freedom.

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