The word solitude spawns many negative meanings in the thesaurus: aloneness, isolation, loneness, solitariness. They tell me a comparable word is seclusion, and that relative words are: detachment, separateness, retirement, withdrawal, confinement, quarantine, loneliness, and lonesomeness.

HOW SAD that such a beautiful word beginning with solo (alone, singular, unexampled, unique, unrepeatable) and ending with the tude (a state) should be listed in our educational materials in such a negative way. Why not: The state of aloneness is the state of singularity, the sate of being unrepeatable, the state of being unique.
SOLITUDE–The state of being alone.
Alas, our society has diminished this state—relegated it to a position of negativity. When, in fact, it is the state of our existence—our ultimate state–the state in which we entered the universe and the state in which we will leave it. Society wishes to make us interdependent, but succeeds in making us co-dependent instead. The inefficiency of codependence is only now beginning to be understood.
Society, including our religions, has presented us with models, which have confused us.
The benevolent intent may have been to make us interdependent, the result, in many areas, however, was codependence. Interdependence is the result of individual singularity—individual aloneness knowingly participating. Codependence is the result of the absence of singular individuality, or, at least, the abandonment of singular individuality. Society has programmed us to give up our individuality, our uniqueness, to sacrifice it to the god of misunderstood conformity. The confusion of individuality and conformity is similar to the confusion of blind obedience and anarchy. Somewhere in these equations there is room for growth and understanding at an individual personal level–a level to be owned, a level to be developed upon freely. Solitude should be equated to freedom, not isolation. Solitude is not a state of negativity. It is where the work of individuality begins and ultimately ends.
Note: Codependence is also not totally negative. It becomes negative when it willfully replaces self-sufficiency.

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